About people, for people.

AWE team is the core of a community based on the law of attraction.
Our present and continuous goal is to bring them together
people who are passionate and involved with their whole being in what they do.

To the question “What Are We?” Our answer is Gratitude.
We recognize the energy that completes and contains us.

We alchemize the whole (inter) human experience we have in the resources necessary for the harmonious development of the whole communities.

We currently promote collaboration between members and we support joint creative projects or those who want to have
a personal brand with a social impact.

AWE Wishes

We want to raise the collective frequency by living consciously,
By integrating our lessons, we have united in the same
journey and I became stronger.


We identify the potential that exists in each of us through
various techniques in personal development and


We share our experience with those around us through
through physical and online events and workshops.


We support harmony on all three levels – mental, emotional and
physically, offering all that we have best in ourselves, through what
we do.