Who are the AWE facilitators?

Leopold Eugen Reich


I’ve never liked autobiographies cause I would limit myself saying that I am one way or another when I’m exposing what I’ve studied, what I’ve done, what I’m doing. I would limit the infinite possibilities of what I could become, but if we look at my past experience, I’ve always enjoyed listening and acting like a sponge when I receive new information.
Sports, music, film or entrepreneurship – no matter what domain I’m active in, I like to use everything I’ve previously learned from the areas I interacted with and from the people I connected with into sci-fi, philosophical and psychological conversations.
My activity into and outside the community is the same, of sustaining, guiding andof empowering the talent each one of us has. I enjoy observing the potential that exists and tickle it until it comes forward no matter what triggers I have to activate for that result.
I wish that everyone finds his/her bodies on this Earth as much as one let’s them to be found.

1 on 1 I can offer the following:

– Transcendental Guidance Through Love
– Elevation of The Now in Life
– Discover Your Pattern
– Being Empowered

 Monica Vrabiuta

 Poet, Thinker, Dancer, ritual Choreographer, Guide-Professor, Healer 5/1, Economist (economist as in besides the diploma, I’ve got experience into saving up and living Happily with minimal material resources).

Creator of Conscious Dance and Barefoot Dance.
The Conscious Dance guided by me represents a sincere form of movement through which we explore hugged by Love our ups and downs of our interior states. The exercises, the relaxing and harmonising music along with my voice get entwined during the Experience of dancing in a way that makes us be aware of our own rhythm, body, mind and emotions like a Whole.


I love great ideas and the ones that are inside the Hearts, I love the secrets of the gardens and the sounds of the woods. I write since I was 9 communicating in this way with my Higher Self.

I’ve been writing european funding projects, too. I am also in a magic through massage school. I sing so much that echoes the Planet. The state of healing that surrounds me is conscious and assumed. I sustain the constant healing of a wound which involves digging Together into the unknown realms of our Self. I actively contribute at the energetical guidance of the collective human field towards Love and the e libération of the true human potential.

I offer time and space to work with the next ones:
– Harmonious communication in a couple (in 2)
– Communication through touch, self-healing therapy
– Sacred teachings; stories, myths, traditions, characters incarnated in the present
– Shows – balancing ritual/ energy, psychological, emotional healing ritual; Art Therapy
– Conscious Dance for the eliberation, release and activation of the body’s energetical flow.
– Joined by Alexandra Manuca: energetical Steps of the Heart from the Heart’s Path and quantum Contact.
– Joined by Davida Constantinescu: creative Communication through Art and Transcriptions from Light language into Art
– Joined by Iulia Hij: Impersonation of child and adult emotions through Magical Stories.

Dan Alexandru Manea

I was born in Bucharest in the summer of 1993 in a spiritual family and I strongly believe that I have chosen my parents so I can receive the necessary information to become the therapist I am today and for that I want to thank them and express my appreciation.

Since I was 16 in this journey I made the massage technician course for a better understanding of the physical body and then a year later I made the first grade Reiki course so I can understand how the energetical dimension works. I came across the Theta Healing system, Quantum Touch, remote therapy and divination, too and in the past 3 years I practiced and deepened Access Bars therapy. Since I was a teenager I wanted to take singing lessons in order to discover if I have or not a talent. After a few hours of canto the teacher confirmed that I can become a very good tenor and on this note I thank her for the unconditional support. If you have a passion please do not let it sleep, capitalise on it.

Today I see myself as a spiritual guide, an oracle, a person that receives answers to all the questions, a man, a life-coach and a relationship-coach. I feel like having the priesthood grace from my past lives so I can make people trust me and my teachings because I am a very good listener.

I am here and now to help the people that want to be guided, to listen to them, to lead them without judging, to appreciate them, to love them and to be grateful that they allow me to be as much as I am.

My services offered here are:

– Access Bars therapy
– Therapeutical massage + Reflexotherapy
– Lenormand Divination + course teaching
– Transcendental Touch through the “box” meditation and the journey to the Source + course teaching
– Balance and cleanse of the chakras
– Creating awareness regarding the patterns and replacing them with beneficial programs
– How to become money and attract them into your reality
– Cleaning the entities and negative energies 
– Guidance towards eliberation, absolution, disposal
– Teaching of the St. Ciprian ritual

Iulia Hij


Everything I am now, everything I think and the way I choose to do it are the sum of many years of curiosity, of trial and error and of consistency in both of them.

Neuroscience attracted me as a little girl since I realised that I can create my own world with my mind and afterwards everything was a journey in which as a child I allowed myself to experience the limits of a brain ready to absorb any information. In time, I learned that the balance between mind, the physical body and soul is the core of reaching the maximum potential that your mental body can offer.

I stepped into the Educational branch since I was 17 and among the practical work with kids I also continued studying everything that meant neuroscience and spirituality.

I achieved step by step to get the skill that a teacher has and my passion got me to the point in which I dived into sociology and holistic psychology and alongside my practice as an assistent in CBT I managed to encompass the most diverse areas of psychology in my personal and professional experience so far.


– Vocational counseling
– Foreign languages courses (English/Spanish)
– Psychological counseling:
° Word therapy
° Art therapy
– CBT assistance

Mircea Vlad

I’m 27 but I feel like I’m in my early 20’s although the age doesn’t matter. I was that “different” kid in the family that “struggled” before flying on my own path, which made me feel alive and happy because I let myself be me. I always had a soft spot for everything that meant art, something else, eccentric, authentic, freedom of expression. I love to travel, to see the world, to test new cultures and my job as a dancer that I’ve chosen from when I was 16 until I was 26 satisfied above my expectations this aspect.

I transposed my energy into sport since I was little, I practiced football, handball, dance and in the present (since 2 years ago) I am a fitness coach and it seems like the things head towards a holistic-spiritual approach of this area. I’m co-founder of THE GUYS, the brand I’m representing through the AWE community as well  and I get to beautiful people offering and receiving value.

I like listening to people and heal when I am asked to whenever I can even if it’s through sport, the power of words or even energetically. I feel on the other hand that I am a good leader wherever my energy leads me towards.

So count me in for dance therapy, sport therapy, wellbeing and leadership.

Sebastian Radu

I’ m 24, I’m passioned about marketing, psychology holistic therapy and the human mind. I’m fascinated by human desires and I believe that’s the reason I chose to work in the marketing online branch. We, humans, are some very complex beings, creating social structures and systems meant to accomplish easily all our needs only to get to the conclusion that they only complicate and give no sense to our life.

We entered into a new era of the human consciousness and the old paradigm won’t work on Earth anymore, not in the marketing nor in the selling areas either. What will be sold into the 21st century will be AUTHENTICITY.

This will be made through human-to-human marketing. This is the concept that I want to promote in the AWE community and what I want to pass on. Human to human marketing means from the beginning that your product is going to emprove one way or another your buyer’s and user’s life. It means to have products that the world really needs and you market them because you know that by being used by the mass-market you are helping for the common good and the growth/development of the community/country/planet.

I’ve got experience of 2 and a half years In Facebook Ads, marketing funnels, marketing content and digital products marketing in the area: personal development and essential oils.


– Online marketing consulting
– Brand growth strategy development ( the growth of the vanity metrics in FB and IG through marketing content)
– eCommerce shops development and implementation of growth strategies through FB Ads & Google Ads

Doina Morari

 Doina Morari

My name is Doina, I am an intuitive bio-energetician, a healer and an artist.

What am I able to offer?
I offer individual and collective meditation sessions aimed to heal and relieve bodies of physical and emotional pain or other discomfort such as physical disease, heart aches, excessive thinking, nightmares or exaggerated fears.

The main purpose is to understand and treat the source of them, whether is trauma, blockages or connections with other foreign entities. All these aspects left untreated, hinder the balanced state and optimal functioning of the body.

I am able to imprint knowledge and access to a higher state of consciousness by decalcifying the pineal gland and deepening the connection with the spirit guides and deities, alchemizing better structures by the use of geometry imprinting.
I am divinely guided in my process; often channeling the knowledge from my higher Self which has lived many lives as a healer and conscious being.

I mediate a flood of knowledge and access to the higher state of consciousness by decalcifying your pineal gland.
I offer tools and understanding of the process in which the healing and elevation of the senses can take place from within, in a sustainable way.
I offer a personalized healing map.

I am connected to the spirit world, which I see and perceive on different levels. I see energy of all kind and I am able to move it intuitively to solve any issue. This ability comes in handy especially in cases of a bond, dependence of energies of all kind, including entities. These are often the source of physical and emotional imbalances. I am able to help heal and release all ties

In my healing practices I also use art, practicing art therapy. I am passionate about creating objects with magical attributes, which have a positive impact on the viewer.

I am passionate about light language, which on the right hands can be a very powerful tool for unlocking, healing and connecting the gates between the physical body and the Spirit.
In addition to using the language of light and sacred geometry in art, such as drawings, I also use the alignment of crystals in formations. I charge the crystals with a certain intention, energy.

By evolving, we get to understand that we often find missing pieces by interacting with each other and trust that we are all one.