What we do?

We build a cyber brand, a platform that provides online resources, webinars, 1 on 1 coaching for the physical, emotional, and mental body.
The platform unites professionals from various fields, promotes collaboration between members and supports joint creative projects, supports and helps those who want to have a personal brand with social impact.
Based on extensive experience in interpersonal relationships, our team of young enthusiasts provides the entire online community with the resources necessary for the harmonious development of the physical, mental, and emotional body.
Today’s society needs guidance on the most efficient ways to spend its time in isolation. Our idea directs the attention of social actors to personal well-being, healing, self-knowledge, and development, providing a space where individuality and authenticity are embraced by the collective.
We provide a wide range of professionals with the help of which the platform will host online seminars on physical exercises adapted to the indoor environment, guided meditation and yoga sessions, language courses, cooking and nutrition classes, and psychological counseling. The activities that will take place online, once the state of emergency is lifted, we will support them within the space available to our initiative group.

The AWE team guides you, but they let you be impacted by you, you will see how and you will understand perfectly once you know us.

What aspects of our beings do we harmonize:

🙌 Personal well-being Material / Physical, Emotional, Spiritual

👍 Healing / Self-healing of the three planes

👏 Self-knowledge and development of one’s own community

🙏 Support for individuality and personal authenticity.

👌 Creativity and expansion of consciousness through art.

We provide a platform that hosts online and offline seminars:


👍 Exercise for a healthy body

👌 Guided sessions of meditation and yoga, conscious dance

👍 Foreign languages

👌 Cooking and nutrition classes

👍 Individual and group therapy

👍 Psycho-emotional development games