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The education of the physical body

The body is fundamentally physical, through which we define ourselves as a piece of the material universe. Through it we experience life on a sensory level and it is a vehicle that connects us directly to the energy resources of the planet. Once we realize its importance as a personal temple, it becomes paramount to find a balance through nutrition, exercise and the selection of emotions and thoughts that we choose to experience and manifest.

The education of the emotional body

The spiritual side has an enormous transformational potential. The fact that emotional energy is the most valuable personal capital is a revelation. Learn with us, more playfully, more seriously, how you can observe your emotions and understand them, and at the same time realize how many of them belong to you 100% and how many are, in fact, taken over. Through therapy, games and dance, you can discharge the negative energy accumulated in a safe environment, you can initiate a healing process and learn a way not to be negatively charged and maintain a state of well-being.

The education of the mental body

The mind can correct, support and improve the body. In addition to mapping the universe, it can create a subjective reality that dictates personality and behavior. Choose the information that you have already stored from past experiences or receive on a regular basis, either consciously or unconsciously, to help you, to know yourself on a deep level.

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